Accelerating bioplastic production, literally

Our propietary catalyst allows to produce and recycle bioplastics 10x faster in a green, scalable and environmentally friendly production process.

Our reason to exist

The challenge

Everybody knows the plastics problem. The demand of biobased plastics is rapidly growing, due to environmental and legal regulations. Companies are moving towards recycled and biobased solutions, but the supply remains very limited due to the lack of new production technologies and the availability of new materials with suitable properties.

Our mission

Enabling a circular biobased economy of plastics

Biobased and compostable plastics are the only solution to the plastic waste problems that plague our planet because their production model is in line with all the principles of the circular economy. The advantage of bioplastics lies in their obtaining from biomass, and in the possibility of being recycled through controlled techniques such as composting.

Benefits of our products

Our mission is to help companies in their transition to zero waste and carbon neutrality, with our scientific and cutting-edge technology


Bio-based sourced plastics from lactide, biomass, lemonene and other renewable sources.


Biodegradable polymers such as PHB, for single-use plastics and its composting

Low carbon footprint

We want to help your organization with its journey to carbon neutrality and zero-waste.

About us

We are a CleanTech company that emerged from the Universidad de Alcalá group. We decided to bring the technology to the market to generate a real impact in the bioeconomy and in the plastics sector.